Industry sectors available

Beaufort Brokers are experts in providing the following services:


Beaufort Brokers are often engaged by clients who are seeking to acquire new businesses or assets on an off market and confidential basis.

Our target search typically involves the following scope of work:

  • Defining the acquisition criteria and strategic rationale then carrying out detailed research in the market place to produce a shortlist of potential acquisition targets
  • Once we have agreed the acquisition targets with our clients, making confidential approaches
  • Assist in formulating the initial offer and negotiating the price and structure of the transaction
  • Where appropriate, development of the business plan and financial forecasts for submission to potential funders
  • including subsequent negotiations with funders
  • Project management of the transaction to completion

Beaufort Brokers has an extensive network of contacts both in the UK and Internationally which opens doors and makes the acquisition process easier.


Beaufort Brokers are often instructed by clients to dispose of a company or asset at the maximum price.

This can involve advertising but is often on an off market and confidential basis. We specialising in selling businesses without it becoming common knowledge in the market place and without unsettling a company’s staff, trade or alerting the competition.

Our engagement typically involves the following scope of work:

  • Advising on valuation and the optimum exit strategy to maximise the chances of receiving the best value
  • Preparing an Information Memorandum for potential purchasers to provide them with an understanding of the business
  • Carrying out detailed research in order to draw up a list of potential purchasers with our client, who we then confidentially approach on your behalf. Many of our competitors will advertise your business for sale. We will not do this unless it is agreed that it will form part of the strategy. Our highly skilled researchers will make individual and confidential contact and only to an agreed list of identified targets
  • Negotiating with potential acquirers and advising on the selection of a preferred purchaser.
  • The preferred bidder is invited to complete the deal within an exclusivity period. Our team manage the transaction throughout this period so that it is completed on a timely basis.

There is an initial fee at the outset, but the majority of our remuneration is awarded on the successful completion of the business sale and is therefore contingent on a successful result.


Beaufort Brokers are often asked by our clients to advise on restructuring their current company or group arrangements.
There can be several reasons to consider corporate restructuring:

  • To prepare for an acquisition
  • To prepare for expansion
  • To prepare for a business sale
  • To improve management structures
  • To improve the financial structure
  • To spread risk
  • To aid a business recovery plan

We have extensive experience and expertise advising on corporate restructuring. We take a realistic and commercial approach, ensuring that we understand the commercial drivers behind the restructure.


Beaufort Brokers assist clients with both their equity and debt requirements. This is essential in current market conditions as both the equity and debt markets are in a constant state of flux and clients need a corporate broker who has an intimate knowledge of all the capital providers to ensure the business funding needs are met.

Beaufort Brokers brings together the combined experience and knowledge of both equity and debt to ensure our clients needs can be met over the course of a business life cycle. This combined skill-set is considered critical as we work with the client to ensure it has the optimum capital structure throughout its tenure, raising debt or equity finance when required and to ensure the cost of capital remains at its lowest.

Beaufort Brokers has an in-depth knowledge of the capital provider community, ranging from debt providers, venture capital, private equity, alternative investors and high net worth investors, to meet the many needs of our clients. We have a strong understanding of what investors and lenders look for in new deals and are highly commercial in our approach.

Valuations/Exit Planning

Beaufort Brokers has considerable expertise in grooming a business to provide optimum value upon exit. We work closely with the business to streamline the current operation and to ensure that all key documents are in place. This is essential in not only ensuring that a sale is not lost during the sue diligence process but also to maximise the sale value.

We have experience in providing company valuations for the purpose of partial or outright sales and are well placed to advise on optimising those valuations.

Retail Product Placing

Beaufort Brokers have extensive contacts in the UK retail arena and are able to assist our clients with bringing innovative products to market. Our team can quickly evaluate the potential of a new product and facilitate high level introductions at supermarkets, the high street and internet retailers. We can also assist with pitching the product to the buying departments and brokering the key terms of any contractual arrangements between the retailer and our client.


  • The Beaufort Brokers team delivered outstanding results. I was very impressed with their connections and the introductions which they made.

    Paul Woodman, Director, Zubworld